Recording whores WEEN and microphone anarchist, EYE from the Boredoms are Z-ROCK HAWAII.

Two versions are available; the audio only release, and the CD-EXTRA release. The CD-EXTRA data can be played on most Windows or Mac computers with CD-ROM drives, allowing you to access 30 mini-songs not included on the album. The CD-EXTRA release also contains an extra track, as well as a bonus sticker designed by EYE and AK Graphix of Hawaii. Listen to a megamix.

One of the three finalists at CMJ Japan, the BEYONDS are one of Tokyo's legendary 'Power Pop' bands, mixing the styles of Nirvana, Offspring, and Bad Religion, with a Japanese twist. Listen to a megamix.

ZENI GEVA "Naiha"*
This was one of Steve Albini's proudest works, ending up in his Top 5 favorite albums list for '95. K.K. Null's band, with Tabata (ex-Boredoms) on guitar and Eito on drums. Listen to a megamix.

ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI "All Right, You Little Bastards!!!"*
This album is the document of Steve's only live shows with Zeni Geva, showing a perfect amalgam of Western and Eastern musical styles. Contains a cover of 'The Model,' by Kraftwerk. Listen to a megamix.

RUINS "Graviyaunosch"*
This sound avalanche by a twosome - Tatsuya Yoshida on guitar, and Masuda on bass. A Tokyo legend with international acclaim. Listen to a megamix.

FUNHOUSE "Poet is Dead"*
A marriage of Helmet and Big Black styles; happily wed in Tokyo! One of Steve's favorite bands while recording in Tokyo. Heavily influenced by Big Black, Rapeman, and Steve Albini, FUNHOUSE finally meet their maker. Listen to a megamix.

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Bad Sun Rising I & II"*
A complete chronology of Steve Albini's production work in Japan with 9 Japanese bands, including the Boredoms, Ruins, Superunit (Steve Albini's band in Japan,) U.F.O. or D.I.E., Maria Kannon, Zeni Geva, and Funhouse. Listen to megamixes to BSR I and BSR II..

* Produced by Steve Albini.

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