Recording whores WEEN and microphone anarchist, EYE from the Boredoms are Z-ROCK HAWAII.

Two versions are available; the audio only release, and the CD-EXTRA release. The CD-EXTRA data can be played on most Windows or Mac computers with CD-ROM drives, allowing you to access 30 mini-songs not included on the album. The CD-EXTRA release also contains an extra track, as well as a bonus sticker designed by EYE and AK Graphix of Hawaii.

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One of the three finalists at CMJ Japan, the BEYONDS are one of Tokyo's legendary 'Power Pop' bands, mixing the styles of Nirvana, Offspring, and Bad Religion, with a Japanese twist.

ZENI GEVA "Naiha"*
This was one of Steve Albini's proudest works, ending up in his Top 5 favorite albums list for '95. K.K. Null's band, with Tabata (ex-Boredoms) on guitar and Eito on drums.

ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI "All Right, You Little Bastards!!!"*
This album is the document of Steve's only live shows with Zeni Geva, showing a perfect amalgam of Western and Eastern musical styles. Contains a cover of 'The Model,' by Kraftwerk.

RUINS "Graviyaunosch"*
Though their wall of sound avalanches over you, the Ruins are actually a twosome - a bassist and a drummer. Another Tokyo legend, being around for more than a decade.

FUNHOUSE "Poet is Dead"*
A marriage of Helmet and Big Black styles; happily wed in Tokyo! One of Steve's favorite bands while recording in Tokyo. Heavily influenced by Big Black, Rapeman, and Steve Albini, FUNHOUSE finally meet their maker.

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Bad Sun Rising I & II"*
A complete chronology of Steve Albini's production work in Japan with 9 Japanese bands, including the Boredoms, Ruins, Superunit (Steve's one time band,) U.F.O. or D.I.E., Maria Kannon, Zeni Geva, and Funhouse.

* Produced by Steve Albini.

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