Six String Sonics, The is about reinventing the guitar.

Stringed instruments have a history of over 5000 years, and the modern day six-string guitar has a 250 year history. Despite the fact that society has latched on to this design for so long, its design is flawed, as it binds the player to chords and melodies that he/she can easily reach with one hand - a hindrance to creativity. Conventional six-string guitars organize chords according to ergonomic efficiency, thereby hindering the exploration of other string combinations.

We created Six String Sonics, The to rid the guitar of these limitations, and make room for more possibilities in composition.

Instead of stringing one guitar with six strings, we have created six single string guitars to be played collaboratively by six individuals at the same time.

The resulting compositions sound much more colorful than standard guitar music, as the group is capable of reaching many more chords and melodies. Additionally, the dynamics of the collaboration allows for new possibilities in compositional arrangement.

With Six String Sonics, The we hope we can expand the six-string guitar's compositional vocabulary.


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本来1人で押さえなくてはならない、6本のギター弦。Six String Sonics, Theでは、「1弦ギター」を6人で分散して同時に弾くという、これまでの常識にとらわれない演奏形態をとっています。従来のギターよりも遥かに多くのコードやメロディーが奏でられるこの形態で、より自由な発想の作曲が可能になりました。

Six String Sonics, Theはギターだけでなく「楽団」の形態そのものを見直し、音楽の可能性を広げる為のプロジェクトです。



「新しい表現形態」を提示することで、これからの音楽シーンの幅を広げていくことがSix String Sonics, Theの使命だと思っています。