Reactive Bodies, The are a dance troupe that articulates their movements to the sounds of each instrument. Their syncopations to Six String Sonics, The's music result in a unique audio-visual synergy.

Reactive Bodies, Theは6人のメンバーによるダンス集団です。Six String Sonics, The各弦の音を各々が身体表現し、視覚的な相乗効果を生みます。

DANCERS TO DATE (from left):

Asuka Shima (String 1)
Amy G.T. (String 2)
KaoRi (String 3)
Misako (String 4)
Tetsuko (String 4)
Miyuki (String 5)
Aki Katai (String 5)
Yayoi (String 6)
Haruka (String 6)

"Reactive Bodies, The" NYC:

Hitomi Nozawa (String 1)
Yuriko Kanazawa (String 2)
Ruri Saito (String 3)
Kanae Aoki (String 4)
Kayo Kobayashi (String 5)
Kana Takahashi (String 6)
Anri Nakano (Bass)
Jeanine Moss (Drums)


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