A "Six String Sonics, The" performance is a spectacle in itself. In the first performances in Tokyo, the guitarists sat on a five-meter (twenty-foot) structure to play their instruments. This made room for additional entertainment pieces on stage while foregrounding the musicians as the centerpiece.

The front of the ladder housed several musicians. A percussionist triggered drum samples at the bottom of the ladder. Two bassists played a 2.5-meter (ten-foot) bass situated at the top of the structure. The longer bass strings give the instrument a much deeper tone than that of a conventional bass.

Six String Sonics, Theの初ライブでは、ギタリストが5メートルの筐体に乗り、ステージの焦点から楽曲を演奏しました。


Background Photo: Naonori Kohira

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