The Antmaster Iteration #1A - tempera paints, ant projections, audio

The Antmaster is the first in Gil Kuno's experiments in hybridizing Dynamic Media (projections) with Static Media (paintings.) Digitally projected images of live ants are superimposed onto painted surfaces to achieve a new amalgam of motion and still images.

In addition, nanosounds of ants moving and communicating were recorded in Jim Gimzewski's nanoscience lab to act as a soundtrack to the pieces.

The first incarnations were presented on a storefront in the heart of Westwood, Los Angeles. Documentation video below. (Needs newest Quicktime.)

The Antmaster for Roppongi Art Night - tempera paints, projections, audio

The Antmasterのテーマは「カルマ」です。カルマ即ち業(ごう)とは仏教の基本的概念、業はその善悪に応じて果報を生じ、死によっても失われず、輪廻転生に伴って、代々伝えられると考えられています。業を解消するために人は一生をかけて善行を積む必要があるという思想です。



Other iterations:

The Antmaster II – 4 iterations of the Antmaster at the Bermant gallery, Los Angeles with 2 pieces projected onto painted canvas. Click photo for documentation.

The Antmaster Iteration IV – 3 iterations of the Antmaster were presented at the Art|Sci gallery, Los Angeles, with the theme for the exhibit being "Karma." The main piece projected onto an upright sheet of plexiglass. Click photo for documentation.


Uncle Milton Industries for Ant Farm, Victoria Vesna, Jim Gimzewski, Art|Sci Center, The Bermant Foundation, Everyone at D|MA, Rebecca Allen, Rebeca Méndez, Togo Kida, Shaun Westbrook, Peng.
Ant Sounds courtesy of Jim Gimzewski and Paul Wilkinson of the Nanolab.

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