Corners - video projection, computers, interactive audio composition, program, amplification

Minimalism has been a key art movement since the 1950's in the West, and for centuries in the East. Artists such as Donald Judd, John Cage, Dan Flavin, Frank Stella, Sol Lewitt, and Richard Serra are some of the innovators from the West. These artists have striven to pare down the decorative aesthetic into basic form, function and concept.

Corners is a project that takes minimalism even further. The artwork in the traditional sense has been minimized to the extent that the art piece itself does not seem to exist.

Instead of a tangible object as art, Corners turns the exhibition space itself into the artwork.

First, all the corners of the exhibit space are rounded. Next, a video of the original corners is projected (onto the rounded corners,) precisely where they used to exist. A computer projects imagery of the corners reacting to the sounds in the venue.

Corners puts the spotlight on what we have considered "ambience" – the structural elements of the room, planar edges of the walls, corners, light, and sound.

In his performance 4'33", John Cage had a pianist stay silent for its duration, thus having the viewer focus on the ambient sounds from the audience instead.

In Corners, I hope to convey the singularity of the beauty in both art and its ambient environment, in the hopes that we can sometimes stop to notice the beauty inherent in our own surroundings.

Programming by Yuichi Nakamura and Gil Kuno.



Thanks to: CSW Warsaw, Julia & family, Kaori Ichihara, Tomoe Moriyama.

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